Wednesday, January 25, 2012


The Firefox logo is one of my favorite logos because of the strong message it conveys in one small picture. You know immediately what logo it is, because of its globally recognized fox. When analyzing each aspect of the logo, you can pull out the different elements that tell a different story. First, we can look at the most obvious and eye catching element of the logo which would be the fox. The design is very sleek giving the impression of speed and stealth. Its tail appears to be on fire adding to the idea of "blazing fast" speed. Next we move on to the picture of the world. The fox appears to be circling, or encompassing the world. When looking at the picture as a whole we can easily detect that the viewer is supposed to infer that if they used Firefox, they would have fast speeds enabling them to access information from all over the world, as well as be able to use Firefox from anywhere in the world.  I believe this logo is so successful because it is able to convey its strong message with only a picture, a major aspect when creating logos. Everyone recognizes and knows what Firefox is, meaning they have accomplished their goal of creating a logo that appeals to many while still marketing a product to them.

I dislike this logo because of its simplicity. When looking at the logo, what you see is all that is there. There is no hidden element to the picture, and no message they are trying to convey. It does not stir thought about eBay, or even try to influence you to make you associate something with ebay. Their logo is only their name with the different letters as different colors. All they have accomplished is a simple logo, that one will think about for a couple of seconds before forgetting about it. It does not market its product very well, which is vitally important for making an impression on the consumer, inorder that they remeber your product when going to buy or do something in that area. Because of these many factors, this logo is one of my least favorites.

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