Thursday, January 19, 2012

Self Portrait

This was the fourth picture I made, and was my favorite of all the pictures I made. I like this picture so much because it took one picture and put different color elements into it, making different elements of the picture stand out. Some of the Photoshop tools I used for this portrait were charcoal, lasso, rectangular marquee, and turbulence.

This was the fifth picture I created, and I really liked it because of the artistic element it presented. I started out with an ordinary picture, but the final image is  completly deconstructed and unrecognizable from the original picture. I liked how unique this picture looks and how the different colors stand out. Some of the Photoshop tools I used to create this image were dark strokes, accented edges, chalk and charcoal, turbulence, and pucker.

My favorite Photoshop tool would have to be glowing edges. I really like how it outlined the main features of the picture in bright, different colors and made the features stand out. I liked the uniqueness of this tool and the effect gave the image a new perspective.

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