Sunday, February 5, 2012


In this billboard I thought there was great contrast between the light blue and the purple numbers. They really stood out on the billboard. I also thought that the white "hope", while it did not have as noticeably good contrast, the size made it stand out as a focal point as well. Over all, when I passed this billboard on Cave Creek and Greenway, I thought it showed a lot of great elements of contrast.

I thought this billboard, while not very creative, showed nice examples of contrast. The best contrast obviously being the white on black. I liked the way that simple blocks of black and white became dynamic, by the size and color contrast that exists between the shapes. Also the green on white made the text very easy to see, getting the message clearly across to the consumers. When making a billboard it is very important to make the message easy to see because when you are in a car you do not have too much time to look at a billboard. I see this billboard a lot when I go get gas,
 and it caught my attention by its easy visibility.

In this billboard, I thought the greatest example of contrast was the white on red. You could see the text clearly, and the message was not very verbose so it was easy to read. I also noticed thier use of positive shapes, forming nice negative spaces. On the other hand, I thought the red Santa blended in too easily with the red background. It made it hard to distinguish which was which. I see this billboard everyday I go to school, on 7th street and I really liked the way this picture stood out. Other than a few minor flaws, I thought this billboard showed great uses of contrast. 

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