Monday, April 16, 2012

Daniel Nelson

While searching for an interesting topic to write on I came across a graphic designer named Daniel Nelson. It started out as a random search on the internet for interesting photography, but suddenly I came across an intriguing photo of hands making up a peace sign. I clicked on the picture and I was taken to a site full of fabulous photographs by Daniel. Below is a sample of some of my favorite pieces.

Daniel Nelson is a designer as well as a web developer from Sweden, and along with these pictures, he has created the graphic design blog From Up North. This has become a very popular blog and has gotten a lot of attention from the graphic design community. Some of the work in the blog is shown below.

I chose these pictures because they were not just simple pictures, but had very interesting designs and colors that made them stand out. Such as in the first picture, he took a regular drop of water and manipulated the photo to look as if you were peering into another world in that one drop of water. He created art in something as common as water. The next photo takes a picture of a man and overlays another picture almost as if to say this is what this man is made of. The third photo gives and interesting view of land and water, which is also prevalent in the last photo of the tree in water. The sunset set in the picture has vibrant colors  as well as in the third picture with the natural colors of the land that invoke emotion in the viewer. These pieces of art are fabulous, and Daniel is a truly talented designer, and in my opinion, one of the best.

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