Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Typography Reflection

Of the images I created in our lesson of designing with type this was my favorite picture. It was created from the font Baskerville and solved the problem of scale. This was my favorite because it not only successfully utilized the concepts of contrast, figure/ground, and balance but it turned out so unique. I like the way it took ordinary type and created an image out of them. The white on black not only made the image crisp and neat but was part of the design as well and contributed to the picture even on its own. I also like how the text is the image but also the background especially seen in the "A". The white and black balance each other out and the scale also balances out the design. The touching of forms of the letters into the blank space of the previous letters is a design element in its own right. Also the "A" does not completely fit into the screen and it is therefore cut off  utilizing the design principle cropping of forms. Overall this piece has a visual appeal as well as a design appeal. While it does not really invoke thought or emotion it is unique and structured. It was my favorite image to create because as I was thinking about what I could do for the prompt, and playing around with different letters and designs running through my head, this one came to me and I instantly liked it. It was not difficult to create but was one of the best designs I did.

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